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Comparisons of 120 residential and 58 business land line telephone tariff call costs, and 357 residential and 147 business call plans charged by 117 different telecommunications operators and resellers in the United Kingdom, compiled by Magenta Systems Ltd, including direct and indirect access, CPS,  VoIP and call through (two stage dialling) schemes. The comparison lists the cheapest telephone calls for both business and residential users using land lines, including bundled broadband packages.     

0844 Calls
4tel Communications
Adept Telecom
Andrews & Arnold
Axis Telecom
Band Telecom
British Telecom
Call 18866
Call Happy
Calls Discount
Care Telecom
Cheap Calls
Cheap International Calls
Cheaper International Calls
Cheapest Calls
Cheapest Chat
Clever Rates
Daisy Communications
Dial 123
Dial Around
Discount Dial
DTC Direct
Everything Everywhere
First Number
Hive Telecom
JT (Jersey)
Joy Telecom
Just Dial Instant
Kent Telephones
Kesher Communications
Kingston Comms
Matrix Dial
My Mondo
OneBill Telecom
Orbis Telecom
Phone Cheap
The Phone Co-Op
Post Office
QX Telecom
Resource Utilities
Sky Talk
Smallworld Media
SSE Energy Supply
Story Telecom
Telecoms World
Tesco Talk
 True Telecom
Virgin Media
Voice Trading
Vyke Mobile
WebCall Direct
Xinix World
XLN Telecom
Zen Internet

Please note that Magenta Systems Ltd does not sell or recommend any of these tariffs, you need to contact each company specifically. Magenta Systems simply publishes this price information for comparison purposes. Nor do we take any money from these companies to list their information, it is totally impartial. Sorry, but we can not provide advice about the best tariffs for any individual or company, you must compare the prices and make your own choices.  

Multiple tariff costs are shown for some operators, for others discounted tariff costs are calculated. The spreadsheet version allows the discount costs to be changed for differing spend levels. The level of detail varies between operators, some supply everything, others just the more common tariff costs. The comparison is updated at least 11 times a year, with operator tariffs being checked every three to six months, the better operators inform us of changes monthly, as they happen.  Residential prices all include VAT at 20%, unless otherwise stated. 

Non-Members may view the residential tariffs as web pages, but to download them in spreadsheet format or access the various code tables you need to become a paid member. The business pages look identical to the residential pages, they simply contain different companies and figures. 

Access to the Business Members Site and Residential Members Site requires a logon name and password, which is emailed once the Membership Form on the secure server has been completed and payment received.  Details of information available to Members and the prices is available in the Site Overview.  Business members may view and print the tariffs, numbering and operator information from an Acrobat (PDF) file. 

State of the Industry attempts to give an overview of recent changes, which operators are being taken over, which have ceased offering services and those in financial difficulty.

Site News - December 2012

There are major improvements to CodeLook this month: historical code information, CUPIDs for operators porting numbers, and post code lookup for exchange and broadband availability. 

When looking up a partial number, any changes to operator, use or charge band over the past two years are now shown, and also the operator name back in 2002 (the oldest data we archived).  The full Ofcom company name is also shown, since CodeLook normally simplifies and corrects old names.  The CUPID (communications provider ID) for the operator is shown which is needed for number porting. Where possible, the CUPID is restricted to the franchise areas to reduce the number of duplicates due to take over of cable companies (Virgin Media has over 130 different IDs). CodeLook will now look-up more 1xx short codes.

When looking up a locality, the district, post town, county, partial post code, country,  BT exchange name (sometimes different) and BT exchange code are now shown, also whether the broadband capabilities of the exchange: 20CN IPStream (the old ADSL), 21CN WBC (ADSL2+) and Fibre.  Finally, all the number ranges allocated to the locality are listed, identified as Geographic BT, Cable, Centrex or Virtual.  Only BT allocates number ranges to actual localities, cable numbers may be many kilometres from the locality and virtual ranges are mostly VoIP numbers that may terminate anywhere in the world.  In cities, while only a few BT ranges will be listed, there may be hundreds of cable and virtual ranges. 

When looking up a post code (at least four characters), the locality, electoral ward, district, post town, county, partial post code, country,  BT exchange name (sometimes different) and BT exchange code are now shown, also whether the broadband capabilities of the exchange: 20CN IPStream (the old ADSL), 21CN WBC (ADSL2+) and Fibre as FTTC, FTTP or exchange only, the fibre street cabinet, and the approximate direct distance in metres from the exchange (the cable route will be longer).  A single post code may be covered by two or more street cabinets so may appear repeated. Note the post code and cabinet data comes from a  BT Openreach database, which has a few glaring errors such as single post codes showing as served by exchanges many kilometres away.

When looking up an operator, full Ofcom company name is shown, also the Ofcom CUPID (communications provider ID)  and reseller ID codes are now shown, with historic company names from 2002, if any.

Numbering and Database Products

A number of UK telephone Numbering and Database Products are available, including:

  • CodeLook, lookup partial numbers, call prices, tariff bands, localities, post codes and broadband availability on a web page
  • Magenta UK Numbering Database is designed for those that need to fully integrate telephone numbering, tariff band and locality information into their own systems. This membership offers comma separated variable text files of the numbering database information.  Sample extracts can be provided on request. The numbering database is a snapshot of current numbers and tariff bands, usually updated weekly.
  • Magenta SQL Telecom Database offers a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2/2012 database with both numbering and tariff information, containing stored procedures to access the content, exactly the same database that drives this web site.  For use with other SQL databases, CSV files are also be available. The SQL database is historic, containing old and current numbering and tariff information allowing telephone calls to be costed as at a specified date. It also includes a UK post code database with fibre and ADSL broadband availability.

ComCap - Magenta Serial Port and Network Capture Utility

ComCap is a Windows application designed to capture data received on PC RS232 serial communications ports or using network TCP/IP and UDP streams and save it.  Captured data is shown in scrolling windows and is written to text files, and may also be printed, written to SQL database tables or echoed to other PCs using network protocols or serial ports. Captured data can have text added such as date and time, a serial number and remote IP address. Data from up to 999 serial ports and network streams can be captured simultaneously, in separate files, with various file rotation schemes to start new files periodically. ComCap will capture to files on two separate disk drives for redundancy and will send email and SMS alerts if problems occur. ComCap is both a system tray and background service application that can be set to start automatically when windows starts, and remain unobtrusive.  When using the background service, captured data may be still be viewed as it arrives.  .

Please email any comments or corrections about the UK Telecom Tariff Comparisons

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