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11th January 2017

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30th December 2016

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CodeLook has two main functions, looking up partial UK telephone numbers to find the locality and call costs, and looking up locality names and post codes to find the code.  For localities and post code, broadband ADSL and fibre availability information is provided. The CodeLook database is updated every one or two weeks.

Partial Telephone Number to Lookup: Own Telephone Code (optional):
Locality or Post Code to Lookup: Call Costing Package: BT Unlimited Weekend Calls

Ready for Dialling Code Searches - WebApp 3.6
Magenta Telecom SQL Database, Version 1.3
Creation Date: 11th January 2017
Source: Ofcom CodeList numbering database dated 11th January 2017
Source: BT Electronic Price List dated 11th January 2017
Source: BT Wholesale broadband datasets dated 1st December 2016

The partial telephone number can be UK national, international. UK mobile, UK premium, a UK service or UK indirect code. It may be a combined indirect code and partial number. Numbers are entered as dialled from UK landline and mobile telephones.  

Please note this site is intended to look up UK telephone numbers, it lists some international numbers but only with country names and those numbers necessary to identify more expensive international calls. No personal information is returned by CodeLook, it is not possible to find the user of a landline or mobile number without a legal court order.

When searching localities and area codes, postal county and island names may be entered.  Historic information is available for some numbers, also the Ofcom CUPID and other codes used by licensed operators.

To protect the web server, the number of lookups is limited each day to 20 lookups, unless you are a paid member and logged-on to this site. We are however offering free membership for non-commercial use by the various UK authorities that use CodeLook to trace telecom operators, please order free CodeLook Membership. A single logon can be shared by different shifts. 

This web site is duplicated on different servers for redundancy:

Main Site CodeLook https:/
Alternate Site CodeLook https:/

Please bookmark the alternate site in case the main site becomes unavailable.
If all pages fail, please email Magenta Systems.

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